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Wireless Instrumentation

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Accutech's Wireless Instrumentation was introduced in 2002 as the first battery powered and completely tether-free wireless sensor package designed for process industry environments. Using the best available FHSS transceiver components and drawing heavily on our 20 years of experience with smart process instrumentation, we have developed the most qualified, best performing and easy to implement wireless sensor network for heavy industrial applications.

While reliability and security are the cornerstones of our technology, long battery life (typically 5 years) at high duty cycles and interoperability with existing control and HMI systems are equally important characteristics for industrial users and have been embodied in our products.

Our field units are FM approved for Class 1, Div. 1, Group A hazardous areas, are NEMA 4X for weather and corrosion resistance and operate within specification at temperatures ranging from -40 to + 185F (+85C).

Only Accutech solutions offer:

• Savings - no wiring, conduit or, trenching- save 90% of total installed cost!
• Productivity - Automate manual monitoring
• Efficiency - Focus your human resources where they are really needed
• Safety- Reduce hazards by continuous monitoring
• Improved End-Product - Eliminate poor quality by better process management
• Environmental Benefits - Reduce spills and emissions
• Easy To Install- Fast, flexible, non-invasive
• Complete package - Everything you need, out of the box and ready to go
• Reliable - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), FCC approved
• Robust - Designed and certified for industrial environments, and hazardous locations
• Long-Range - Wireless transmission up to 3,000 feet can be extended to 2 miles with optional antennae
• Cost-Effective - No conduits, no wires, minimal preparation and fast installation
• Versatile - Use for long-term monitoring, short-term data gathering, or to test economic viability of a new project
• Convenient - monitors parameters that are inaccessible
• Portable - tether free; can be readily moved if conditions change

There is a new "80-20" rule in your business! Wired installations provide 20% of the data ideally needed to run a plant. Low-cost, easy-to-install industrial strength wireless delivers the other 80%.

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Wireless Instrumentation

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