Level and Flow


McCrometer is a leading global flow instrumentation specialist. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and testing of flow metering solutions.  Instrument, process, facility and consulting engineers worldwide have confidently chosen McCrometer’s flow meters for 60 years. 

McCrometer’s flow technologies serve in a wide range of complex and harsh applications. Our application engineers, researchers and designers apply their expertise in flow physics and real-world operating dynamics. The results are some of the most accurate, innovative and trusted flow meters on the market.  

Products include: V-Cone Flow Meter, self conditioning Wafer Cone, Propeller Flow Meter, the FPI Flow Meter, and SPI Electromagnetic Flow Meter just to name a few.


Azbil North America, Inc. is an affiliate in North America of Azbil Corporation and has been serving a wide range of industries in North America with industrial automation and control products since 1996. In 2006, Yamatake Group formulated its new group philosophy and brand symbol of “azbil “, reflecting our commitment to realize safety, comfort and fulfillment in people’s lives and contribute to the global environment through “human-centered automation”.

Azbil’s high-efficiency electromagnetic flowmeters can be applied to a wide-range of applications. Based on technologies that were fostered by our long-time amassed experience and performance records, these industry proven come in a large array of sizes and liners.

With optional integrated temperature and pressure sensors, Azbil vortex flowmeters can provide a compensated mass flow rate. With the energy monitoring option, Azbil meters can also provide a reliable (BTU) energy measurement of water, thermal oils, and steam.


Halogen Systems

Halogen Systems has extensive experience in the water treatment field and received over 26 patents on its innovative bromine and chlorine generator designs and novel sensor systems. They offer a unique patented multi-parameter sensor for BWMS treatment that measures TRO, Temperature ORP, and salinity. Halogen also offers have a new 5-parameter sensor with 3-electrode amperometric chlorine measurements. It does not require the use of reagents, membranes, or electrolyte. It is self-cleaning and flow-independent.


One of the worlds' largest manufacturers of liquid level measurement devices, Five core level measurement technologies including Float Switches, Displacers, Ultrasonic, RF Capacitance, Tuning Fork

Eldridge Products

Eldridge Products Inc. was founded in June 1988 in Marina, California, by President and CEO Mark Eldridge. Today, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, EPI is the world’s premier manufacture of thermal mass flow meters, switches, and metering software. With an ever-growing team of the industry’s best engineers, designers, and support specialists, EPI offers clients the reliable and accurate products they’d expect from a global leader coupled with the personal attention and dedicated service they’d expect from a family business. 

Thermal mass flow meters to meet all your needs at EPI.